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Welcome and hello!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

I have FINALLY made a website!

Hi everyone, after MANY years, I've finally made a website! Feel free to browse around, it's hopefully going to be constantly improved and updated.

Last week, I drove up to the north shore and practiced with my drone, and came across a family of humpback whales! It was so amazing to see these gentle giants swimming and playing so close to shore.

Booking a wedding in 2022

How crazy have the last 2 years been?! While we're not quite out of the woods yet, things here in Hawaii seem to be relaxing and you might be wondering how that affects your wedding plans. Currently in regards to weddings, things are starting to pick up again and by summer many venues may be booked, so don't waste time! Many weddings that were postponed during the lockdowns are rescheduling, and since many of them had already put down deposits, they will get first priority on selecting a date for their venue. With the previous uncertainty of restrictions and the varied vaccine proof requirements, it is highly recommended you get a wedding planner. I can't stress enough how helpful and important a wedding planner is. Not only are they up to date on the current COVID guidelines, they become a central point of contact for all your vendors and you, meaning you're not spending all your free time trying to respond to emails and phone calls. A good wedding planner will alleviate most of the planning burden from you, and can assist you with finding vendors, offering more affordable alternatives, problem solving and handling all the logistics of such a big day. They are absolutely worth their fee!

When it comes to photography, things are pretty much back to normal, with a few caveats. Some venues have placed restrictions on certain photo spots in an effort to reduce or prevent congestion and maintain social distancing. Depending on the venue, masks may still be required if in a small space or indoors, except when eating (usually the bride and groom are exempt). Hotel security has also been beefed up, so a special permit may be needed to take photos in popular resorts where one wasn't needed before. As always, check with the venue or your wedding planner if there is a specific spot you are wanting to take photos at.

If you are interested in booking me for your wedding, have questions about booking a wedding in Hawaii, or just want to say hi, just head on over to the contact tab up top or feel free to just email me at !

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